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About the NordArt

NordArt Prize & NordArt Public Choice Award

NordArt Prize

The NordArt Prize worth 10,000 euro is being sponsored by Hans-Julius Ahlmann and Johanna Ahlmann (ACO Group) since 2010. Each year one artist is awarded with the aim to support the art and culture scene. The awardee will be announced during "The Long Night of the Lights" in September and is invited to participate again in the following NordArt. The award ceremony will then take place at the opening of the following NordArt.

NordArt Public Choice Award

The visitors of the NordArt can vote for their favourite artist. The Public Choice Award will be awarded during “The Long Night of the Lights” in September. All votes will be counted in the week before the announcement. The three winning artists will be informed and invited to the prize-giving ceremony. Each award is worth 1,000 euro. The three winners are invited to participate again in next year's NordArt.

NordArt Prize 2017

Jörg Plickat (Germany)

The official Award Ceremony will take place on 09/06/2018 at the opening of NordArt 2018

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Jörg Plickat
„Helping Hands, Homage to Humanity“, 2017, corten steel, 350 x 600 x 250 cm
Jörg Plickat
„Helping Hands, Homage to Humanity“, 2017, corten steel, 350 x 600 x 250 cm
Prize-giving Ceremony on 23/09/2017: from left: Hans-Julius Ahlmann (Host at Kunstwerk Carlshütte), Varol Topaç, Juan Zaft (representative for Xu Bing), Jörg Plickat, Rike (representative for David Černý), Johanna Ahlmann (Host at Kunstwerk Carlshütte)
Xu Bing
Xu Bing
„PHÖNIX I–II“, 2015, construction debris, 630 x 720 x 3100 cm / 470 x 860 x 3000 cm
Xu Bing
Varol Topaç
Varol Topaç
„BIR-LIK | Unit“, 2017, kinetic object: tree branches, metal, electric motors, 136 x 430 x 40 cm
David Černý
„FACES“ 2016, polymer resin, LEDs, heigth: 220 cm each
David Černý
“PEGASUS (Horsepowers)” 2016, kinetic sculptures: aluminum-fiberglass composite, metal, motors, je 320 x 250 x 214 cm

Biafarin Award

Gold Membership Package for 10 young artists at NordArt 2017. Gold Membership Package is the most popular package in Biafarin for artists to develop their art career internationally. It includes Online Artist Profile, Opportunities alerts and submissions, Online Distribution, Exhibition requests and Artist Data Management. Biafarin Inc is a Canadian Artist Management company with an online portal and an international network of artists, art buyers and art businesses. Information: www.biafarin.com
For the selection of 10 artists, NordArt audience votes were also considered.

Biafarin Award winners:

Adoni, Nir – Israel
Anvari, Ali – Iran
Bastami, Soheyl (Reza) – Iran
Baznani, Achraf – Morocco
Choo Jing, Sarah – Singapore
Díaz Gálvez, Yoel – Mexico
Ossandón, María – Chile
Savinova, Anastasiia – Russia/Sweden
Voronina, Oleksandra – Ukraine
Zaft, Tobias – Germany/China

NordArt Prize 2016

David Černý (Czech Republic)

The official Award Ceremony will take place on 10/06/2017 at the opening of NordArt 2017

David Černý
„Head – Kafka“, 2014, stainless steel, with 38 horizontal and independent of each other rotating layers, height: 280 cm
„SPEEDERMAN“, 2014, stainless steel, electronics, light, height: 400 cm

NordArt Public Choice Award 2016

1. Prize - Liu Ruowang (China)
2. Prize - Talia Keinan (Israel)
3. Prize - Jo Kley (Germany)

Prize-giving Ceremony on 17/09/2016: from left: Inga Aru (Co-Curator of NordArt), David Cérny (NordArt-Preis 2016), Carmit Blumensohn (Curator of the Israeli Pavilion), Juan Zaft (representative for Liu Ruowang, 1. Public Choice Award), Hans-Julius Ahlmann (Host at Kunstwerk Carlshütte), Talia Keinan (2. Public Choice Award), Wolfgang Gramm (Chief Curator of NordArt), Jo Kley (3. Public Choice Award), Johanna Ahlmann (Host at Kunstwerk Carlshütte)
Liu Ruowang
„Wolves Coming“, 2008–2010, steel casting, 110 parts,, each 110 x 90 x 220 cm, „Wolve Warrior“, bronze, height: 330 cm
„Original Sin“, 2011–2013, bronze, 36 parts, hight: 350 cm
Talia Keinan
„Stain“, 2005, installation: gravel, light bulb, video screening
„Last Watch“, 2014, installation: acrylic drawing, video projecting, sound
Jo Kley
„Planet Babylon“, 2016, Carrara marble, 170 x 190 x 125 cm
„Dragon“, 2014, Carrara marble, 290 x 100 x 100 cm

NordArt-Prize 2015

Liu Yonggang (China)

Official Award ceremony on 04/06/2016 at the opening of NordArt 2016

Liu Yonggang
„Standing Character“, painted steel, 380x220x149 cm |
„Embrace of Love series (1–9)“, Ink Jade (Nephrit), je 60x20x30 cm

NordArt – Public Choice Award 2015

1. Prize - JANG Yongsun (South Korea)
2. Prize - LV Shun (China)
3. Prize - OCHIRBOLD Ayurzana (Mongolia)

Prize-giving Ceremony on 19.09.2015: from left: Inga Aru (Co-Curator), Oyuntuya Oyunjargal (Co-Curator), Jang Yongsun (1. Public Choice Award), Ochirbold Ayurzana (3. Public Choice Award), Counselor Batmunkh (Embassy of Mongolia), Johanna Ahlmann and Hans-Julius Ahlmann (Hosts at the Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Shareholdes of the ACO Group), Wolfgang Gramm (Chief Curator NordArt)
JANG Yongsun
From the series „Darkmatter“, scorched stainless steel,
274x203x58 cm | 46x174x135 cm | 320x190x180 cm
LV Shun
„Feast“, steel casting, 250x240x1000 cm
„Man is not an abudance on the earth“
steel, wire, stones, 500x350x450 cm

NordArt-Prize 2014

AES+F (Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovitch, Evgeny Svyatsky + Vladimir Fridkes) – Russia for the film "Allegoria Sacra" 2011-2012

Official Award ceremony on 06/06/2015 at the opening of NordArt 2015

artist group AES+F (www.aesf-group.org)
"Allegoria Sacra" 2011-2012, HD Video, 39 min 39 sec

NordArt – Public Choice Award 2014

1. Prize - Confronting Anitya – China Garden (China)
2. Prize - Jovanka Stanojević (Serbia)
3. Prize - Dmitry Gutov (Russia)

Prize-giving Ceremony on 20.09.2014: from left: Vice Consul of the Russian Federation from Hamburg (acting for Dmitry Gutov), Jovanka Stanojević, Hans-Julius Ahlmann, Johanna Ahlmann, Zhu Zijuan (acting for the artist group Confronting Anitya)
Confronting Anitya
CHINA GARDEN – Curator Liang Kegang (China)
Jovanka Stanojević (Serbia)
„Father“ 2014, mixed media on canvas, 300x200 cm
Dmitry Gutov (Russia)
„Jupiter & Semele“ and „Tereus & Philomela“ 2013, metal, welded, each 105x85x40 cm

NordArt-Prize 2013

The NordArt-Prize 2013: collaborative installation by SINN (South Korea) & Wolfgang Gramm (Germany, artist and NordArt curator)

Sinn & Wolfgang Gramm „Untitled“, 2013, installation: painting and scraching on aluminium, indian ink, wood, natural grass

NordArt – Public Choice Award 2013

1. Prize - Jovanka Stanojević (Serbia)
2. Prize - Villu Jaanisoo (Estonia/Finland)
3. Prize - Soon Mi Oh (South Korea)

Prize-giving Ceremony on 14.09.2013: Hans-Julius Ahlmann, Wolfgang Gramm, Jovanka Stanojević, Villu Jaanisoo und Johanna Ahlmann
Jovanka Stanojević
„Mother 1 & 2“, 2010, acrylic, dry pastell on canvas, each 240x170 cm
Villu Jaanisoo
„Hotei, one of the seven lucky gods“, 2006, rubber, 275x210x195 cm
Soon Mi Oh
„Mirror Mask“, 2013, Installation: mirror, sandblasted, steel structure, video projection, 400x300x500 cm

NordArt-Prize 2012

The NordArt-Prize 2013: „Sail“, 2011, Carrara marble, by Gheorghi Filin

Gheorghi Filin „Sail“, 2011, Carrara marble, h 380 cm

NordArt – Public Choice Award 2012

1. Prize – Gilles T. LACOMBE (France)
2. Prize – ZHI XinXin (China)
3. Prize – SINN (South Korea)

Prize-giving ceremony: Gilles T. Lacombe with Hans-Julius and Johanna Ahlmann (ACO Group)
Gilles T. Lacombe
„The Great Ivory“, 2006-2009, wood, ivory, 120x100x550 cm
Gilles T. Lacombe
Installation „Über den Linden“, 2009, wood, paper
ZHI XinXin
„Love Letters“, 2010, ceramic, 200 pieces
"Paradise" 2005, painting and scratching on aluminium board, 400x500cm

NordArt-Prize 2011

The name of this years awardee, Peter Lundberg, was announced at the 'Long Night of the Lights' on the 17th of September. The price giving ceremony will take place during the opening of the NordArt 2012.

Peter Lundberg – "Katla", 2010, concrete, iron reinforcement, height: 13 meter

NordArt – Public Choice Award 2011

1. Prize – Dan Hudson (Canada)
2. Prize – Gerhard Mantz (Germany)
3. Prize – Zdeněk Šmíd (Czech Republic)

From the left: Hans-Julius Ahlmann (ACO Group), Dan Hudson, Gerhard Mantz, Zdeněk Šmíd, Johanna Ahlmann (ACO Group)
1. Prize: Dan Hudson:
"News, Weather, Sports" 2010, DVD-Video installation 4:3. Loop, Sound, 172x115x15 cm
2. Prize: Gerhard Mantz:
"The Left Hand of Darkness" 2008, pigmented ink on canvas, 140x270 cm
3. Prize: Zdeněk Šmíd:
kinetic sculpture "Rider" 1995/2010, copper, tin solder, spherulitic iron, steel, soldering, 260x80x360 cm

NordArt-Prize 2010

The NordArt-Prize, awarded for the first time this year, was won by the Chinese sculptor Zeng Chenggang. As officially announced last Saturday (18.09.2010), Hans-Julius and Johanna Ahlmann (ACO Group), the sponsors of the 10,000 Euro prize, chose Zeng Chenggang as a representative of the dawn of the Asian era and the enormous changes affecting Chinese art. The award presentation ceremony will take place at the opening of NordArt 2011, on 4 June 2011.

Professor Zeng Chenggang was represented at the NordArt 2010 with his work "Lotus" – a symbol for a continuously changing world.

NordArt – Public Choice Award 2010

1. Prize - Teija und Pekka Isorättyä (Finland)
2. Prize - Wolfgang Stiller (Installation "Matchstick Men)(Germany)
3. Prize - Hiroko (Japan)

Hiroko, Teija Isorättyä, Pekka Isorättyä, Johanna Ahlmann, Hans-Julius Ahlmann
1. Public Choice Award: Teija & Pekka Isorättyä, Finnland, Installation "Chicharrona"
3. Public Choice Award: Hiroko, Japan, Performance „Prayer for 100 Souls“ _ Video