logo Donnerstag, 23.01.2014
Meeting to make art:

The international NordArt-Symposium.

Each year the exhibition is preceded by the highly respected international NordArt Symposium, bringing together different generations of artists to talk about art, establish new contacts, share experiences and make art – all reflecting the ethos of NordArt itself.

Each May since 2000, small groups of sculptors from many nations have worked together at the symposium. The resulting pieces, some weighing several tonnes, are displayed during the summer in the Carlshütte and the neighbouring sculpture park, creating imposing open-air galleries. Building on the great success of this event, a painters’ symposium was introduced in 2008.

Dr. Jo Kley, sculptor and supervisor of NordArt Symposium: „We artists wish nothing more than being able to work at an inspiring place. The NordArt Symposium meets these needs and provides excellent opportunities to give space to inspired fantasies. Nothing seems impossible with the excellent support of the whole NordArt team and the warm hospitality of the Ahlmann family. “

Impressions of the NordArt-Symposium