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NordArt 2017

  • Country Focus of NordArt 2017: DENMARK
  • FOCUS ARTIST of NordArt 2017

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Long Night of the Lights at NordArt 2017

Let’s celebrate Art and the new NordArt Prize Winners
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NordArt 2016 – A Forum for the Art World Hotspot for International Art in Büdelsdorf/Schleswig-Holstein

FOCUS COUNTRY of NordArt 2016: ISRAEL • FOCUS ARTIST of NordArt 2016 • Artists from MONGOLIA • NordArt AWARDEES

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NordArt 2016: Schleswig Holstein becoming Hotspot for International Art again

The Kunstwerk Carlshütte is looking forward to the already 18th edition of the NordArt, one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe that has shown works by 250 selected artists from around the world each summer since 1999. The art show performs on the vast aisles of the historic iron foundry Carlshütte with 22,000 square metres (236,000 ft²) floor space and a 80,000 square metres (860,000 ft²) sculpture park. For 2016, about 4500 artists from 109 countries have submitted their applications – thus setting a new record.

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Photos NordArt 2016:

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Photos NordArt 2015:

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NordArt 2015: The Cultural Highlight of Schleswig Holstein

Even if the region between Baltic and North Sea is usually associated with a rural idyll, one of the largest contemporary art exhibitions in Europe takes place right there. From 6 June to 4 October 2015, the now 17th edition of the spectacular show is hosted at Kunstwerk Carlshütte in Büdelsdorf in Schleswig Holstein. The NordArt 2015 presents works by 250 selected artists from 55 countries. This year's country focus is on Mongolia with its own Pavillon.

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NordArt 2015 Country Focus dedicated to Mongolia The Heirs of Chinggis Khaan – Contemporary Mongolian Art

The now 17th edition of the NordArt sets a special focus this summer on art from Central Asian Mongolia. In a separate pavilion 33 artists show their sculptures, paintings, installations, photographs and videos. The pavilion is one of the highlights of the spectacular show, which presents works by 250 selected artists from 50 countries.

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International art exhibition NordArt 2014 at the Kunstwerk Carlshütte

Final spurt at NordArt 2014: From 14 June, 250 artists from 55 countries invite to a trip around the world through art and transform the Carlshütte again into a fascinating forum for contemporary art.

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