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Circle of Friends

What would the world be like without art, without music or movies and only focused on profitable acts?

We would deprive ourselves of a universally important part of our lives. Nowhere else is imagination and creativity as important as in the arts. Nowhere else but with the arts can we leave our everyday perspective and refocus on ourselves.

The Kunstwerk Carlshütte, a joint cultural initiative of the ACO Group and the towns of Büdelsdorf and Rendsburg, is proud to offer a platform where the world can be turned upside down, where unusual perspectives are allowed and new patterns of thought can be initiated.

We would be delighted to welcome you as one of our members to support our work. As a member we will inform you about all our events and personally invite you by mail and E-Mail.

You can enter the exhibition for the concessionary price.

Membership (PDF): please print and send via post to the Kunstwerk Carlshütte

The minimum fee for one year is 60 Euro. The membership can be canceled anytime. The Kunstwerk Carlshütte is a non-profit initiative.
We would appreciate your support very much.